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    From all of us here at MoonRidge Brew Pub in Cornell, WI, we would like to welcome you to visit our establishment, which we are quite proud of. Over the years since we were established we have brought a comtempory experience to the community and tourist passing through. We provide excellent beer and pizza at a very reasonable price; in fact, we have 9 beers on tap and 7 unique pizzas. MoonRidge is neither a bar nor a restaurant. Instead, we prefer to be labeled as a Brew Pub; and that is part of what makes us special.


   All 9 of our beers were handcrafted by owner Roger Miller, who has been brewing beer for over 20 years. Roger started with home brew kits and has grown his operation over the years. On a vacation to Maui, he realized the potential that a brewery could have in his hometown of Cornell after noticing the output from a brewery on the island. Soon after, Roger and his wife Cindy had purchased an abandoned building in town, fixed it up, and for the last few years they have been brewing tasteful beer and baking spectacular pizzas.


   The pizza inspiration came from the idea of putting the spent grains to use. (the grains used to flavor the beer.)  Cindy found recipes for pizza crust that use the spent grains.  It was quickly decided that this was the key for making pizzas.  After much research, and sampling, the specialty pizza menu was created.  Pizza crusts are hand-made with either the spent grains or regular white pizza dough.  The specialty pizzas are unique to MoonRidge.  We also create a bi-monthly "Feature Pizza" that is unique to the season and changes every two months. We are confident you will love our pizzas that we have been serving since November of 2015.  

    Both Roger and Cindy grew up in the Cornell-Holcombe area, which adds an incomparable, local feel to MoonRidge, and customers at our Brew Pub certainly get a taste of the local culture. In fact, Roger has named each of his beers after local spots that he used to hang out at, and admittedly drink at, while he was growing up.  The Brew Pub also has a cabin-like feel and is usually full of a mixture of locals and tourists enjoying both the beer and pizza. With a laid-back and cheery atmosphere, it is also a place that families can enjoy. It is common to find both Roger and Cindy working at the Brew Pub and entertaining customers. Both have been pleased by the success of their venture so far; but with MoonRidge providing excellent beer and pizza at a very reasonable price, neither finds it overly surprising. Both guarantee that whether you are an experienced beer connoisseur or a casual family looking for some good pizza, you will certainly be satisfied with your experience at MoonRidge Brew Pub. There is one key rule at MoonRidge and that is "Drink Good Beer"; and we promise that you can find that here.

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MoonRidge Brew Pub - Cornell, WI
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